Whiskey and Poetry Salon

Literary Libations hosted a Whiskey and Poetry Salon at the Penthouse in November. The space glowed in candlelight.  Johnnie “The Scot” Mundell poured delicious whiskeys from various regions of Scotland. Brendan Costantine and Adrian Wyatt shared their work. The spoken word was complete with all attendees joining in and sharing either a personally written piece or just a poem they enjoyed.  Poetry + Whiskey = Bliss.

Whiskey & Poetry 1

Whiskey and Poetry 2

Whiskey and Poetry 4

Johnnie “The Scot” reading his poem with Kim Ohanneson of Literary Libations listening in the background.

Whiskey and Poetry 12

Poet Adrian Wyatt (2nd from the left) listens to Johnnie Mundell, alongside fellow whiskey and poetry lovers.

Whiskey and Poetry 6

Whiskey and Poetry 7

Whiskey and Poetry 9

Whiskey and Poetry 7

Karolyn Kiisel of Literary Libations basking in the candlelight, poetry and whiskey.

Whiskey and Poetry 11

Poet Brendan Costantine looks on as Deborah Strait shares a poem.

Whiskey and Poetry 10



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